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Wild and Weird Exotic Animals You Can Very own In Oklahoma

We ended up sitting close to the lunch desk at do the job, getting one particular of all those coworker conversations that meanders significantly and wide concerning subject issue when otters became the topic.

It seems that the husband of a coworker truly would like to have an otter as a pet, and she incredibly significantly so isn’t going to. In fact, she speedily explained to a minimal white lie that otters are illegal to own in Oklahoma.

Spoiler, Oklahoma is really pet pleasant irrespective of what you want to invite into your property with the proper permits and/or licenses. Even animals that are “explicitly forbidden” as animals can be experienced with the suitable paperwork.

As the dialogue went on, other folks shared their odd stories of odd and wild animals they’d witnessed or experienced here in Oklahoma.

Camels, porcupines, aardvarks, kangaroos, and so forth… are the widespread “wild” animals most people today see all-around the condition, but the record of suitable unique animals is even more wild.

Of system, you happen to be likely imagining about Joe Exotic and the selection of tiger and significant cat sites to go to during the condition. Some are still all over but work in a different way considering the fact that the US handed the so-referred to as Tiger King Invoice banning personal ownership and the fork out-to-pet small business model of large cats.

So how exotic can the pets continue to get in the Sooner State? The answer is almost never certainly or no. In point, with a ton of species the respond to is no… unless you have the correct allow and/or license.

To add to the irritation, exotic animals and/or individuals demanding permits usually are not a lower-and-dry matter in itself. You will find really minor data specifically from the state, and the hundreds of internet sites striving to guideline you by the unique pet legislation in Oklahoma are inclined to contradict just about every other… ie, what is actually lawful on just one internet site is unlawful on the upcoming… it can be a key mind tease.

The good thing is, there is a way to own just about any animal in the globe in the condition of Oklahoma, however it may possibly not be correct or authorized to refer to them as “animals” in each individual scenario. Bears and mountain lions come to intellect, you can expect to see why below.

Strange and Wild Animals You Can Have In Oklahoma

When it comes to the topic of exotic and wild animals in Oklahoma, there is a quite short listing of things you are not able to own as a pet… but there are strategies all around nearly all the purple tape in the Quicker Point out.

The Frozen Wichita Mountains

When Southwest Oklahoma will get a rare blizzard with significant snowfall, the mountains consider on a fresh new and beautiful search. It really is some thing we all get to knowledge many thanks to the online video and camera get the job done of a handful of wonderful locals with a stellar YouTube channel, The Pemberton Boys. They flew their drones and explored the mountains throughout SWOK when the sights had been grand, placing it on-line for everybody to love.

The Elegance Of Southwest Oklahoma

Far too a lot of people expend far too much time complaining about getting in Southwest Oklahoma. If only they’d shut their mouths and open up their eyes from time to time, then they’d see the correct magnificence of this spot.