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Where to buy DNA tests for cats 2022

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Whether you’re curious about your cat’s genealogy in general or just eager to learn everything you can about your four-legged friend, DNA testing for cats is proving extremely popular among owners and animal lovers right now. Why? Well, who wouldn’t love to understand their feline family member’s complexities a little better?

If you’re considering DNA testing for your cat, you’ve come to the right place. Scroll on for a list of reputable destinations that offer everything you need to get started.

  • Amazon

  • Orivet

  • VetProducts Direct

  • PawsPlanet Australia

  • Basepaws

  • VetShopAustralia

Which retailers offer free delivery?

  • Amazon: Free delivery on eligible orders over $39 with a Prime membership

How do I perform a cat DNA test?

To perform a cat DNA test, all you have to do is take a swab of saliva from the inside of their cheek. After that, instructions will usually tell you to let the swab dry before sealing it up in a bag or tube and sending it off for analysis.

Note: Directions will vary from one brand to the next. Always ensure you read these in detail before completing the test.

How does DNA testing for cats work?

DNA testing for your cat involves an in-depth look at their genetic make-up. Cats are curious creatures. Fiercely independent and also extremely loving, their behaviour can be tough to accurately predict.

DNA testing for cats takes a detailed look at their genealogy. It also pinpoints markers in their genetic make-up and completes a cross-comparison against a database of confirmed pedigrees.

Not only that, DNA testing for cats can form breed group connections, distinguish any health markers you should be aware of and even uncover any genetic similarities your feline friend has to various different wild cats.

How much does DNA testing for cats cost?

Typically, DNA tests for cats range from $100 to $260. The price you’ll pay depends on what you want to learn about your pet. Some tests will only include breed identification, whereas others also include a more detailed analysis including health risk factors, breed traits and more.

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