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What exotic creatures are legal to very own in Virginia

Virginia legislation might prohibit you from becoming the subsequent Tiger King – but there is little stopping you from turning into the world’s up coming monkey king.

The Netflix Collection Tiger King has reentered the public eye with a second season of episodes for followers to sink their enamel into.

The initial episodes captivated audiences with a combined bag of actual-daily life accounts of murder plots, particular rivalries, shady business enterprise discounts and drug use – all centered all-around the area of interest globe of major cat zoo and rescue owners.

A combination of remain-at-property orders being issued in 2020, the show’s launch within weeks of these orders and the absolute mayhem among Tiger King’s colorful cast figures made the display explode into pop tradition folklore. 

Tiger King is named for Joe Exotic, a now 58-year-aged male who owned an Oklahoma animal park which housed at least 70 large cats like lions and tigers, among other exotic animals. He is now serving a 22-yr sentence for striving to employ the service of two various hitmen to murder a rival major cat character, Carole Baskin, who owns a Florida animal sanctuary.