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What animals belong in Atttalla? Exotic animals, cruelty discussed

Even before Attalla’s Metropolis Council conference begun Monday, the dialogue did — with residents in just one Camp Sibert community worried about incidents of what they named animal cruelty that happened in new weeks there, and about exotic animals in the middle of residences.

Problems arrived at a fever pitch lately just after recordings on Facebook circulated, showing an emu in a single video and a potbellied pig in a different getting attacked by significant canines on the home of an unique animal operator living on John Avenue.

The proprietor instructed town leaders he does not run his small business in the neighborhood, that it can be dependent in Pinson. He claimed he experienced just housed his animals in Attalla.

Attalla Mayor Larry Indicates explained metropolis ordinances never enable that possibly. The quantity of pet dogs captured on the video is in alone a violation entrepreneurs cannot have more than 4.