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Unique Animal Auctions: Come across Out Why to Prevent Them

Each individual yr in the U.S., breeders and profiteers acquire and offer 1000’s of antelope, primates, wallabies, foxes, and customers of other species at seedy gatherings referred to as unique animal auctions. Farmers who exploit animals for food or style obtain them at auction activities known as “livestock auctions.”

What Are Exotic Animal Auctions?

At exotic animal auctions, occasionally referred to as “alternate livestock auctions,” quite a few species are marketed to the maximum bidder with very little regard for their welfare. Numerous of these animals include things like exotic hoofed mammals—such as zebras, antelope, zebus, and watusis—but unique animal auctions also generally incorporate dozens of hen species for sale. Peddlers provide smaller mammals these types of as hedgehogs, guinea pigs, and rabbits at auctions, and lots of functions element reptiles for sale. The auction homes are aspect of a “sturdy billion-dollar U.S. trade in exotic animals.”

Wherever Are Unique Animal Auctions Held?

Exotic animal auctions are held often, all about the place. Right here are just a few illustrations:

1. Missouri’s Lolli Bros. Livestock Auction

This is a single of the major “alternative” livestock auctions in the region. It’s held quarterly every year. Covert footage from this party uncovered a horror show of employees bodily abusing animals on the auction block, and backstage, emaciated and distressed animals were being confined to cages so compact that they could not even turn all over inside of them. Quite a few of the exotic animals marketed from Lolli Bros. go to breeders who provide the unique “pet” trade in the U.S., and several roadside zoo exhibitors trade animals at this market place.

  • According to general public licensing paperwork from the U.S. Section of Agriculture (USDA), Lolli Bros. bought involving 10,000 and 15,000 animals every single yr from 2010 to 2014, earning an typical of $3 million in earnings on a yearly basis.
  • Lolli Bros. has been cited by the USDA for confining cats to cramped cages with no room to change about or lie down and rabbits, primates, and a fox to unsanitary cages, some of which had been stuffed with waste. It was also cited for holding rabbits in enclosures with sharp wire protrusions that posed a danger of major injuries.
  • Boo Boo, a bear who little bit college students at a university campus occasion, was bred by a roadside zoo and sold at Lolli Bros.

2. Triple W Livestock Auction in Tennessee

This animal auction is held quarterly each individual yr. It’s attended by exhibitors and dealers from all around.

watusi and calf at exotic animal auction

  • In September 2021, the USDA cited Triple W for accepting around 40 animals—including sugar gliders, chinchillas, a wallaby, and a kinkajou—on consignment from dealers who didn’t keep a valid license, making it possible for them to make unlawful animal product sales. It also allowed unlicensed dealers to market animals (which includes Patagonian cavies, coatimundis, and kangaroos) at activities in 2019.
  • The feds have frequently cited the auction for failing to offer animals with adequate shelter all through auctions held through inclement temperature, for preserving animals in cages with soiled bedding, and for failing to provide them with potable drinking water.
  • Infamous breeder Jerry Holly has bought zebras and other animals at this unique animal auction. A zebra escaped from the event in May perhaps 2021.

3. Hope Auction in Ohio

This occasion plays hosts to the once-a-year Mid-Ohio Option Animal and Chicken Sale every spring. It offered 10,000 animals a calendar year in 2012 and 2013 for an normal of $1.3 million a yr, according to USDA licensing files.

  • In 2016, the USDA cited this auction for accepting zebras and camels on consignment from dealers who did not keep a legitimate license, permitting them to make illegal animal revenue.

4. Fremont Unique Animal Auction in Nebraska

Held by Nelson Livestock Auctions in the summer time and slide, this auction was cited by the USDA in June 2021 for accepting a zebra foal and 4 foxes consigned from unlicensed sellers, letting the sellers to make illegal revenue.

  • The auction was also cited for retaining the foxes in filthy crates so smaller that they could not freely switch all-around.

Other unique animal auctions that took position in 2021 incorporate Heartland Exotic Auction in McCook, Nebraska (held in the spring and drop) Jackson Livestock Exchange Unique Animal and Chook Auction in Jackson, Minnesota (held in the spring and fall) James River Unique Animal Sale in Jamestown, North Dakota (held in the spring) JCCC Livestock Sales’ Different Animal Sale in Junction Metropolis, Kansas (held in the fall) and Topeka Exotic Animal and Fowl Auction in Topeka, Indiana (held in the spring and tumble).

bleeding capybara at exotic animal auction

Who Purchases and Sells Animals at Unique Animal Auctions?

Exotic animal auctions are hubs utilized by roadside zoos and exotic-animal sellers to make sales. The animals are generally purchased by clientele who want to continue to keep them as personalized “pets” or set them on show at roadside menageries or petting zoos.

llamas at animal auction

Some buyers purchase animals at exotic animal auctions to fill their canned looking ranches for trophy hunters. Roadside zoo operators often promote their surplus animals at these occasions, not caring whether or not they close up as victims of a canned hunt. Some exotic-animal breeders and dealers use these events as a key resource of profits, dealing with sentient beings as mere objects to make a fast buck.

These notorious roadside zoos and sellers have sent animals to auctions:

  • Organic Bridge Zoo has transported animals—including zebras, kudu, ducks, and dozens of guinea pigs—to Lolli Bros. Livestock Auction and Mid-Ohio Different Animal and Fowl at Mt. Hope Auction.
  • Henry Hampton, the owner of The Farm at Walnut Creek in Ohio and Lazy 5 Ranch in North Carolina, has sent animals—including fallow deer, eland, and javelinas—from both equally services to Raz Livestock Revenue in Texas. This unique animal auction is held the moment a month.
  • Jason Clay, owner of Franklin Push Thru Safari and East Texas Zoo & Gator Park, despatched animals—including warthogs, dingoes, coatimundis, monkeys, servals, ostriches—to Gulf Coast Livestock Auction in Florida. This exotic animal sale is held at the very least five moments a 12 months. Previously, Clay sent a 2-week-aged camel to Wild Facet Auction Providers in Oklahoma for its once-a-year exotic animal sale.
  • Zootastic Park in North Carolina sent 57 animals—including bison, alpacas, rheas, macaws, squirrel monkeys, and a tamandua—to Gulf Coast Livestock Auction in Florida in between April and June 2020. It also despatched a 10-day-outdated patas monkey named Patty to 5-H Ranch Unique Animal Auction in Missouri for its yearly sale.

bison sits in mud at Triple W auction

By no means Show up at an Exotic Animal Auction

Really don’t fund the suffering of animals exploited for enjoyment. Keep considerably absent from wildlife auctions: Never obtain any animals or go to an unique animal sale. Urge your friends, family members associates, and social media followers to do the exact.

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