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The Basic Life: Fish Fry Fridays

Trish Morgan

When was the final time you attended a community Fish Fry Friday? Also, do any of us know how, when and why this tradition began?

According to Father Daren Zehnle, pastor at St. Augustine Parish in Ashland and St. Peter Parish in Petersburg, and also the director for the Office of Divine Worship and the Catechumenate for the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois, he reviews that Catholics are not needed to consume fish on Fridays they are to abstain from meat. In the Latin, they are instructed to abstain from carnis, which from the most historic of occasions has always meant the meat of factors that wander on the floor. This exercise appears to be to day from as early as the 1st century.

There are a lot of people today — even today — who claim Catholics consume fish on Fridays for the reason that one particular of the medieval popes wished to assist assistance the fishmongers, a assert that is pretty bogus. There is, nevertheless, some semblance of record to this claim, but about the Church of England and NOT about the Catholic Church. In 1563, Queen Elizabeth I, the daughter of King Henry VIII, mandated fasting from meat on Wednesdays particularly to guidance the fishing industry.