Home for your Pet

Spring a pet from the shelter this time

Do you have a scenario of spring fever? Not to worry, there is no have to have to quarantine. In actuality, the only cure is to open up the home windows, spend some time exterior and obtain a finest pal to delight in the warm night breezes. Following all, what much better time to give a cat or canine a model new life than the period of renewal?

When you think about all the wonders of spring, frostbite is probably not going to look on that list. But how about an lovely cat with an origin story straight out of ‘Frozen’? Frostbite was originally rescued from a snow storm a number of several years ago. Even so, there’s practically nothing cold about this awesome cat. Frostbite is as heat as a summer season breeze, or probably a baked potato fresh new from the oven.

Frostbite can't wait to be warm and cozy in his new home.

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Frostbite’s family members explained him as a ‘playful sofa potato.’ He lived with younger children and pet dogs and liked them all. Frostbite is a social butterfly who loves getting the center of consideration and implores all passersby to halt and dangle out when strolling by his cage. This sweet boy is affectionate and cuddly and will heat both your heart and lap.