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Small boy’s adore for foster dog shines in letters to adopters

When a pup named Maggie arrived in New York from Louisiana ready for adoption, she arrived with her medical information, photographs and various charming letters of suggestion — prepared by a 6-calendar year-old boy.

Roman Duncan, who not too long ago turned 7, bonded with the pit bull combine even though his family members fostered her around the holidays and into the new yr at their dwelling in Louisiana. He understood they had been supporting the former stray by supplying her a short term residence right up until she was outdated ample to be adopted.

In the meantime, he and his youthful brother, Wyatt, liked paying time with Maggie and cuddling with her.

Maggie sleeps along with Wyatt and Roman Duncan. Courtesy North Shore Animal League America

When it was time for Maggie to be transported from Louisiana to North Shore Animal League America’s adoption heart in Port Washington, New York, Roman wrote letters for her foreseeable future adopters detailing all the reasons she’s “the finest dog you could ask for,” these types of as being adorable and potty educated — furthermore loving fetch, other puppies, youngsters and cuddles (spelled in a heart-tugging way: “cutelleyes”).

Roman Duncan wanted Maggie's new family to know how special she is.
Roman Duncan preferred Maggie’s new relatives to know how particular she is.Courtesy North Shore Animal League America

Then Roman slipped his notes and a handful of images of Maggie into her paperwork for her journey to New York, a ride she shared with close to 50 other adoptable pets, like puppies, kittens, puppies and cats in a expert animal transportation truck.

Karla Agostinello, rescue group supervisor for North Shore Animal League The us, was astonished when she opened Maggie’s file and identified the notes and drawings.

“I was so touched,” she told Currently. “It’s tough (for fosters) to set the animals on the truck. So I do get a lot of letters from older people — but kids, not lots of. So this is why it touched my heart so a great deal.”

Roman Duncan and his brother slipped notes and photos of Maggie into her paperwork when it was time for her to go to New York to be adopted.
Roman Duncan and his brother slipped notes and images of Maggie into her paperwork when it was time for her to go to New York to be adopted.Courtesy North Shore Animal League America

Maggie has considering that been adopted into a loving permanently residence by folks who had been similarly touched by Roman’s letters. Agostinello is doing the job to hook up Roman with Maggie’s new relatives so he can know what a excellent job he did in aiding preserve her everyday living by fostering.

“She’s accomplishing good,” she explained. “Her time with this family was incredibly advantageous to her.”

By fostering Maggie, the Duncan family helped prepare her for adoption.
By fostering Maggie, the Duncan spouse and children assisted put together her for adoption.Courtesy North Shore Animal League America

Volunteers who foster animals are critically vital to supporting hold animals from currently being euthanized in shelters because of to lack of house. They also put together animals for life in a dwelling.

Due to the fact 2019, 755 animals have been fostered and adopted by North Shore Animal League The us, a nonprofit rescue group established in 1944, according to Jenna Martiello Jan, foster treatment manager for the corporation.

She mentioned there’s often a want for fosters, and hopes more men and women throughout the country will volunteer to foster animals in the occupied months ahead.

“Foster families are so crucial simply because they are the pet’s first end — the initial household. They are instilling a basis of enjoy and care,” she informed Today.

Maggie got lots of love while being fostered by Roman Duncan and his family.
Maggie received heaps of really like although remaining fostered by Roman Duncan and his family members.Courtesy North Shore Animal League America

She stated Roman’s mother and father did the “exact correct thing” by telling their kids they were only housing Maggie briefly.

“You certainly have to set the expectation prior to you even bring the animal house: ‘We’re not retaining this animal, but we can do it once more and you can love yet another animal,’” she stated. “I often notify foster family members, ‘Goodbye is the objective.’ … They are doing so a lot fantastic.”

Fostering pets can enable little ones master responsibility and compassion, as plainly shown by Roman’s touching letters, she noted. The nonprofit also runs a “Mutt-i-grees” application in lecture rooms to support cultivate caring for pets.

“The impression that animals have on kids is truthfully incredible,” she stated.