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Shopping for pet lions turned a unsafe pattern among the rich throughout the pandemic : NPR

For the duration of the pandemic a trend in other nations caught on with rich Iraqis: getting lions for preserving at household.


If you ever saw the Television set series “Tiger King,” a fact method of types established in the United States, you may perhaps relate to this difficulty in Iraq. In Iraq, personal citizens are purchasing exotic animals to convey house to their households, which disturbs some Iraqis who care for animals. This apply has increased during the pandemic. NPR’s Jason Beaubien experiences.


JASON BEAUBIEN, BYLINE: In a street lined with pet outlets in Baghdad, the sidewalks are blocked with cages keeping cats, puppies, even a handful of monkeys. The additional unique animals are held out back.


BEAUBIEN: Yeah, so there’s was a 4-month-aged tiger cub in a cage future to what looks to me like a hyena above there, a skunk all by by itself, some canines, you can find some peacocks.

When the owner of this shop comes, he suggests the pandemic was excellent for business, significantly the sale of lion and tiger cubs. Just about every one particular, he suggests, can provide for 1000’s of pounds, but he refuses to talk on tape. He isn’t really so considerably involved that selling these wild animals is illegal, which it is, somewhat, he suggests the final time he did a Television interview, persons trashed him on social media for feeding pounds and kilos of meat to lions while quite a few Iraqis battle to get by. And you can find also worry for the effectively-getting of the animals. Up the avenue, Marwa Mohamed, a veterinarian, confirms that all through the pandemic, Iraqis have been attaining all forms of new pets.

MARWA MOHAMED: Persons curiosity in animals in corona is more than just before corona.

BEAUBIEN: Mainly, the increase has been in cats, canines and birds, she claims. But some people today have been having wild animals, which includes foxes and monkeys. And then you can find the problem of the lions.

MOHAMED: The lion needs specific care. The lion is unsafe, and there – it’s possible they’re dangerous to the folks in the household.

BEAUBIEN: Mohamed suggests she’s experienced to deal with two lions recently for diarrhea. Then a third was brought in because the owner wished its claws removed. Even though there are a number of animal welfare activists in Iraq, significantly much more persons come across the unique animals a novelty.


AMAR MAHER: (Non-English language spoken).

BEAUBIEN: A YouTuber in Baghdad named Amar Maher (ph) acquired a youthful lion cub late previous yr. He posts films of himself awkwardly carrying the squirming cub and striving to scare his buddies and loved ones with it.


MAHER: (Non-English language spoken).

Unknown Man or woman: (Shouting in non-English language).

BEAUBIEN: At the Baghdad Zoo, I show a single of the YouTube videos to Haidar Malik (ph), the head veterinarian. The cub, Malek says, seems to be to be about 3 or 4 months old and is very agitated.

HAIDAR MALIK: This is extremely incorrect. And it can be strange for the animal. You see, it really is anxious.

BEAUBIEN: Malik shakes his head and says the pattern of people buying lion cubs as animals or to make YouTube movies is troublesome.


BEAUBIEN: The Baghdad Zoo has 26 African lions. A few of them utilised to belong to Saddam Hussein’s son Uday. Lions, Malik states, are high-priced to treatment for. Just about every grownup consumes about 15 pounds of raw meat a day.

MALIK: Donkey meat – if there is no donkey meat, we gave them hen meat.

BEAUBIEN: Malik also warns that the lovable cubs becoming introduced house as animals can improve to far more than 500 pounds. Iraqis have revered lions for a millennium. The mythical lion of Babylon that is stated to have carried the goddess of love and war on his back again is a countrywide image. Malik stresses that lions are predators, and they need to have a ton of open up house.

MALIK: You should stay absent from acquiring wild animals.

BEAUBIEN: And he claims they surely should really not be held in someone’s condominium.

Jason Beaubien, NPR Information, Baghdad.

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