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Regional District of Nanaimo to look at regulating ownership of unique animals

Serval cats, monkeys and other unique pets have come to be a concern for the Regional District of Nanaimo.

In Electoral Spot F (Coombs, Hilliers, Errington, Whiskey Creek, Meadowood) last October, there was an incident involving two serval cats that escaped from their cages and resulted in a domestic cat becoming killed just before the servals were being finally captured.

Area F director Leanne Salter associated to the RDN board, at its typical conference on Nov. 22, the worries they and other businesses encountered in trying to snare the pair of servals. She highlighted the absence of regulation and bylaw as 1 of the major considerations.

“I was out there trapping them – it’s not because which is what I do for a residing – and that is what it seems to be like,” explained Salter.

“I don’t do that for a living but there was no person who is likely to do this. Not the SPCA, not wildlife, no one for the reason that there are no legislation. They can go out and deal with domestic pets that are jogging amok but they simply cannot offer with unique animals. There is no legislation. So the SPCA will not touch it. No person would touch it … the law enforcement, no one.”

Salter explained she was not informed exotic animals are currently being held as animals in her areas. She was informed about a monkey that got free in the place and that it took a while to recapture.

“It’s kind of insane,” explained Salter.

Salter introduced a movement which observe has been offered requesting staff members get ready a report on selections to ban, or if which is not doable, control exotic animals together with serval cats in Electoral Place F. Regulations, she indicated, would investigate alternatives to need specs linked to cages, locking mechanisms, licensing choices and prohibition on stay feedstock.

Town of Nanaimo director Leonard Krog claimed he is versus the importing of unique animals and totally supported Salter’s movement,

“I applaud director Salter for this,” reported Krog. “I imagine we should do anything affordable to discourage this trade. It is one point if they’re here and they are bred here but the importation of them and the implications of it I feel are undesirable for the earth, they’re negative for creatures, they’re lousy for all of us.”

City of Parksville director Doug O’Brien reported Salter’s movement is extremely well timed as it introduced to their awareness the absence of any laws and bylaws on exotic animals across the regional district. He indicated if they’re wanting into this concern, he would like the regulation to be in outcome in all electoral regions.

The board unanimously handed Salter’s motion.

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