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PETA and the Good Dog-Coaching Discussion

A puppy performs off-leash in Brooklyn, N.Y., Jan. 31.


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About Mark Naida’s “I’m Disciplining My Doggy, Not Torturing Her” (op-ed, Aug. 3): No doggy should be punished for purely natural behaviors like struggling separation stress and anxiety and hoping to communicate distress. Envision how you would sense if you obtained a shock to the throat every time you waved at your neighbor or picked up your cell phone. Or if you were being stored in a cage all day but speedily strangled by sharp items of metallic for becoming enthusiastic and thrilled to get out.

Shock collars usually induce anxiety and displaced aggression, as perfectly as severe injuries ranging from burns to cardiac fibrillation. They are so cruel that they have been banned in a lot of nations throughout Europe. Choke and prong collars can injure a dog’s trachea and esophagus and damage pores and skin. Dogs are stoic just due to the fact they do not yelp does not indicate they aren’t feeling discomfort.

Locking up pet dogs like prisoners in their very own homes (aka “crating”) can result in separation nervousness, despair, hyperactivity, fearfulness and other problems—while prolonging and complicating housetraining.

As animal behaviorist Karen Over-all describes in the Journal of Veterinary Habits, “Such applications ‘work’ by engendering dread, discomfort, and distrust, and in doing so they lead to long-phrase injury.” Optimistic instruction procedures, which reward canines for preferred conduct, are humane and powerful.

The undesirable conduct right here is not the dog’s. If dealing with a doggy with tolerance and comprehension is an inconvenience, get a stuffed animal and go away canine on your own.

Daphna Nachminovitch

Persons for the Ethical Treatment method of Animals

Norfolk, Va.

I was introduced to the prong collar by a neighbor of mine yrs in the past. Because then I have released it to various doggy owners, all of whom have been surprised at the joyful transformation of their pets and the comfort with which they wear it. It is as if the dog is relieved not to have to drag the owner down the avenue anymore.

Jamie Leach

Tequesta, Fla.

The fundamental basic principle that appears to be to have been overlooked by lots of is that gentleman was specified dominion about the crops and animals, to subdue the earth for his very own use and profit. They are to serve him, not the other way all around. Cruelty is to be prevented, still its definition has expanded into absurdity. The pendulum requirements to swing back into equilibrium.

Carol Cox

Higher Place, N.C.

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Appeared in the August 11, 2021, print edition.