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Pet Pantry hands out thousand of pounds of supplies for holidays

HOLLAND, Mich. (WOOD) — When it comes to our pets, the role they play in our lives is sometimes difficult to put into words.

Frosty is a big part of Fawn Goll’s life.

“She’s my riding partner. Right here is usually where she’s at,” Goll said as the black and white coated pup, hence the name Frosty, sits shoulder to shoulder with her in the front seat of Goll’s pick up.

The pair were waited in a line outside Harbor Humane Society’s latest pet food and supply pop up pantry event Wednesday afternoon.

The pop up pantry was made possible when donated over 36 thousand pounds of pet supplies to the Harbor Humane Society.

When times are tough, a friend like Frosty can make all the difference. But a pet is also an expense. That’s why Wednesday’s pop-up pet food and supply pantry is so important to so many.

“Especially when bills are up and the way things have been going the past couple of years,” Goll said. “This will help a lot, because a 50 pound bag of dog food goes pretty quick. Any little bit helps.”

Vehicles line up to get food donated from to Harbor Humane Society. (Dec. 22, 2021)

The community outreach donations from included pet food, bedding, toys and other supplies, helping one of Harbor Humane Society missions to keep families together when times are tough.

“And when we say families, we mean people and pets,” Harbor Humane Society Marketing Director Jennifer Nuernberg said. “We know the impact pets can have on families, especially during hard times.“

Harbor Humane Society holds a pantry every month, with donations usually help between 200 and 250 families. The gift from was a game changer for the charity.

“We’re curious to see how many people will show up today and how many animals and people we will impacted. We’re excited about it,” Nuernberg said.

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