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Odesa Zoo rescues animals displaced by Kakhovka Dam catastrophe

1 of a few rescued raccoon pet dog puppies

The Odesa Zoo has taken care of pets whose proprietors were forced to flee the place given that the comprehensive-scale invasion of Ukraine started. Now it also cares for wildlife afflicted by flooding soon after the Russian destruction of the Kakhovka dam.

Moreover debris, family merchandise, mines and even complete homes, the flood waters have introduced rather a handful of wild animals to the Odesa coastline right after Russian troops ruined the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Energy Plant (HPP) dam on June 6.

Ihor Beliakov, the director of Odesa Zoo, together with his colleagues, collects animals alongside the shoreline from sailors, who preserve them from floating islands in the sea, or from people today who find wildlife by possibility.

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“Several floating islands of reed, sticks, and debris have drifted from Kherson Oblast to the Odesa coastline line,” Beliakov mentioned in the course of an interview with NV in Odesa Zoo.

“Different species were touring on these islands. Mainly, it was little creatures in critical circumstances that necessary to be saved.”

Ihor Beliakov, the director of Odesa Zoo <span class="copyright">Natalia Kravchuk, NV</span>

Ihor Beliakov, the director of Odesa Zoo Natalia Kravchuk, NV

He brought two plastic containers to exhibit: just one with many modest black newts with pink bellies, and yet another with a significant frog.

“It can be the Danube crested newt,” he mentioned.

“Their inhabitants is dispersed all through Kherson Oblast and it is exceptional. As for the frog, we have located several dozen of them. We system to launch these animals back again into the wild.”

Apart from these newts and frogs, who are detailed amid Ukraine’s threatened species, marsh turtles and grass snakes have been introduced to Odesa’s beaches. Muskrats also have occur there way too. Most of them are freshwater animals.

According to the Ministry of Ecology and Pure Means of Ukraine’s details, 149 Danube newts ended up discovered lifeless at the coast.

“The animals that are saved are these kinds of a smaller element of all the critters that acquired into issues,” Beliakov added.

A rescued fawn that was picked up at sea by military sailors <span class="copyright">Natalia Kravchuk, NV</span>

A rescued fawn that was picked up at sea by navy sailors Natalia Kravchuk, NV

A female deer is in 1 of those – she was rescued by Ukrainian marines. The doe spent at minimum 5 days at sea, drifting on a small island. The marines took the deer aboard their ship and reached the Odesa Zoo, Beliakov relayed.

“It is at this time the most significant animal we’ve taken in [after the Kakhovka dam breach]. She was afraid and exhausted,” Beliakov said.

The deer walks all-around the enclosure, often entering a smaller hut. She did not leave it at all in the initial days, remembers Mykola Kliuyev, head of Odesa Zoo ungulate portion.

“Now she is setting up to talk with the key herd, but she however will get stressed when the workers appear in,” he explained.

“We hope to release her afterwards into the wild. These kinds of [skittish] animals adapt faster to the wild as there are no fences and walls. She will just wander into a forest and that’s it.”

Raccoon dog puppies also arrived in Odesa. The 3 of them are compact and also pressured. For the time being, they reside just one of the zoo’s offices and are continually watched by experts. The animals rescued just after the Kakhovka dam catastrophe are also appeared right after by Oksana Funtova, the head of Odesa Zoo’s carnivore segment. She took us to the cages and confirmed us the animals.

“These raccoon-like puppies are not aggressive, they do not lunge, but they are terrified,” Funtova stated, while opening the cage with the animals.

“They eat really greedily, drink greedily, but they really should never ever be overfed. Due to the fact they drank salt drinking water, they commenced to have digestive complications. They take in meat on their very own, drink a whole lot of h2o, but are however too modest to protect them selves in the wild.”

When we were chatting, the raccoon dogs gobbled up raw meat from a bowl. The zoo designs to return them into the wild as shortly as their issue stabilizes.

In the up coming cage, there are two muskrat cubs who also escaped from Kherson Oblast. A person of the cubs is much more shy, hiding in the house. The other 1 runs close to the cage, washing itself with drinking water from a bowl.

“Muskrats are aquatic rodents that devote most of their lives around h2o, as even the entrance to their property is underwater,” Funtova described to us.

“Therefore, holding them in captivity is not best. We also prepare to release them.”

Her suggestion to these who come across animals on the shore is the next: they ought to be brought to a expert as shortly as possible. The Odesa Zoo accepts these rescues just about every working day and all-around the clock. A guard on responsibility will assist outside the house of running hours.

The zoo was accepting animals even before the catastrophic flood. Fleeing war, numerous people today brought their animals here so that somebody could treatment for them. Primarily, men and women brought rodents: rabbits, chinchillas, and rats. About 150 chinchillas were then presented to very good arms. Some have remained at the zoo.

Angela the guinea pig <span class="copyright">Natalia Kravchuk, NV</span>

Angela the guinea pig Natalia Kravchuk, NV

The similar transpired with Angela, a bald guinea pig. She was brought to Odesa Zoo at the commencing of the total-scale war. Her proprietor promised to appear again for her in a month, but Angela has been residing at the zoo for a year and a half now.

On the other hand, everyone loves Angela so they do not plan to give her absent, Funtova mentioned.

“In typical, all hairless animals have allergic reactions,” Funtova stated.

“There are particular prerequisites for foods, as very well as for the problems in which the animal life. Angela, on the other hand, enjoys to consume a ton. We let her out to wander all around the office, when she arrives out, she can solution other cages – she feels totally risk-free below.”

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