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Nicolas Cage’s wild menagerie incorporated a two-headed snake

Nicolas Cage may perhaps adore animals much more than he loves income. The eccentric actor is reported to have burned by means of some $150 million — blown on eccentric splurges such as a 67-million-12 months-aged dinosaur head, a pair of islands and the first “Superman” comedian — but his unique pets are a consistent. He’s cared for snakes, crows, cats, turtles, fish and at least 1 octopus.

As disclosed in the April concern of GQ, protecting his menagerie comes with challenges and pleasures. When fussing around his Maine coon cat, Merlin, he advised the journal, “He’s so type and so loving. Occasionally he places his arm all around me when he’s sleeping and I assume it is my spouse … ”

Cage as soon as owned a two-headed snake, procured for $80,000 just after he dreamed about a two-headed eagle. But it was double issues feeding the reptile so he donated it to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans.

Cage after owned a two-headed snake — and the two heads fought at feeding time.
Audubon Institute/Instagram

“Both heads had been completely purposeful and capable of swallowing,” Robert Mendyk, curator of herpetology at the zoo, instructed The Put up. “We had to acquire turns feeding each head and position a rubber spatula concerning the heads to reduce one head from combating above the other head’s food.”

Listed here is an accounting of Cage’s primarily uncaged flock, earlier and present.

Huginn the conversing crow

Cage’s crow lives within a geodesic dome in the actor’s Las Vegas dwelling. No everyday chicken, this superior-flyer possesses a shock of white feathers up front and really talks. However Cage was in the beginning drawn to the Edgar Allan Poe connotations of the crow, he now looks to get a kick out of the reality that Hoogin calls him names. As he informed the LA Times, “When I depart the room, he’ll go ‘bye’ and then go, ‘Ass.’”

Of all of Cage's exotic purchases, insiders say pets are his number one love.
Of all of Cage’s unique purchases, insiders say pets are his amount just one love.

An octopus

Back in the mid 1980s, though residing in a Hollywood condominium, Cage had a pet octopus that he saved in an aquarium. In accordance to Los Angeles Times, the creature was hiding behind a rock and Cage wished to pry it loose for the advantage of a customer. It squirted ink on his hand and he responded, “What a pity. Just when we were being commencing to get along.”

King cobras Moby and Sheba

In the course of an physical appearance on “Late Night time with David Letterman,” Cage informed the clearly show host about his pair of king cobras: a feminine named Sheba and an albino male who went by Moby.

“I have them driving two pc locked doorways [with] bullet-evidence glass,” he said. “I like to go in there in my red leather-based chair and drink wine and watch them as they observe me.”

Cage took pains to point out that if he obtained bitten, he would have just 15 minutes to are living and that he held antidote nearby, just in circumstance. He extra that a person of the snakes pets — considering the fact that donated to a zoo — routinely attempted to hypnotize him in advance of lunging. “After that,” he advised Letterman, “I say, ‘Goodnight young ones,’ go upstairs and lie down and assume about what just happened.’”

Harvey was bought for $80,000.
Harvey was acquired for $80,000.
Audubon Institute/Fb

Harvey the two-headed snake

Cage named his two-headed snake Harvey, in homage to the two-faced “Batman” villain Harvey Dent. The reptile, which handed away past September at the age of 14 (rather excellent, looking at that, in accordance to Mendyk, “most embryos with the affliction do not successfully hatch”), caught the extravagant of director Werner Herzog who directed Cage in “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans.”

Cage was internet hosting a party in the Major Easy and brought out the snake, to the horror of his visitors. Herzog, even though, stated, “Now, Nicolas, we have to place that into the motion picture.” As Cage discussed it to Job interview journal, “I mentioned, ‘No, I’m not placing it into the movie since this is particular.’ So he filled the film with snakes, iguanas and alligators, but he hardly ever received my two-headed snake.”

In the mid 1980s, while living in a Hollywood apartment, Cage had a pet octopus that he kept in an aquarium.
In the mid 1980s, though residing in a Hollywood condominium, Cage experienced a pet octopus that he stored in an aquarium.
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Speckled Asian h2o keep an eye on lizard

As soon as the reptile grew to be a 5-foot-extensive animal of prey, the actor did not have time to care for it appropriately. No problem: Wild Life Discovery Centre, in Lake Forest, Illinois, fortunately took it off his palms.

Cage seemingly transported it there in an right away FedEx box. But, as Middle curator Rob Carmichael explained to Gazebo News, the huge lizard named Michael arrived no even worse for don: “He has a handful of dings and requires to be fattened up a bit. But, over-all, he’s in quite fantastic shape. The subsequent working day [after arriving], he dined on quail, mice and rats — yummy to a major, predatory lizard.”