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Just in Time Preparedness for Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian is bearing down on Florida, bringing existence-threating storm surge, potent winds and the probability of flash floods. Most of Florida, as very well as southern states, will be affected by the hurricane.

It is essential to pay attention to neighborhood officials if they advocate that you evacuate. If you are not able to evacuate or if you are instructed to shelter-in-put, below are some last-minute methods you can get ready.

Continue to be informed

Details changes. It’s crucial to stay up-to-date, so you know what to be expecting and when to hope it. A single way to do this is to have quite a few means to get alerts.

  •  Download the FEMA app and receive real-time alerts from the Nationwide Climate Provider.
  • Indication up for local community alerts in your area.
  • Have you ever received a loud crisis warn on your cellphone or the radio? These computerized alerts can alert you of excessive weather conditions, so make confident to shell out awareness to them.
  • A battery-operated or hand-crank radio can help you continue to be informed even if the power goes out.

Acquire Supplies

Utilities, roadways and retailers may perhaps be weakened soon after a storm hits, creating it complicated to come across food stuff and h2o. Though FEMA and our companions have prepositioned foodstuff and h2o materials to aid support these just after the hurricane, it is important to have supplies prepared in case you simply cannot depart your dwelling. Some fundamental provides include:

  • Numerous days’ provide of meals and drinking water for your loved ones, pets and service animals. If your package includes canned foodstuff, be confident to also have a handbook can opener. Fill vacant containers—even bathtubs—with potable h2o.
  • Flashlight and backup batteries.
  • Initial assist kit.
  • Whistle (to sign for support).
  • Regional maps.
  • Alternate techniques for charging a mobile mobile phone or radio.

Know the pitfalls you face – and how to stay risk-free

Hurricanes can trigger major destruction and present many diverse risks. Listed here are some risks you should really recognize to assist prepare you and your family for Hurricane Ian.

  • Storm Surge. This is quickly and risky flooding prompted by hurricane winds. Storm surge is expected alongside each the East and West Florida coastlines. Some spots on the west shoreline could see storm surge up to 12 toes. If you are trapped in a making, by no means climb into a shut attic where by you could turn out to be trapped by increasing drinking water.
  • Floods. Try to remember in no way to walk, swim or push through flood waters. It is tough to notify how deep drinking water is or what harmful goods could possibly be hidden in the water. Just a single foot of shifting water can sweep your motor vehicle away, whilst just 6-inches can knock you down. If your auto is trapped in speedily transferring h2o, continue to be within your motor vehicle. If water starts to increase inside of of the motor vehicle, transfer to the roof.
  • Electric power Outages. Hurricanes normally trigger ability outages. Get inventory of the things that depend on electricity, so you know what you may well be with no or have to have back again up ability for, this kind of as clinical gear or treatment that relies upon on refrigeration. If you have a generator, remember to ONLY use it outdoors and away from windows.

Search out for many others

Try to remember that not every person is equipped to make these preparations. Examine on your neighbors to see if they will need assistance. Be sure to take into consideration the needs of absolutely everyone in your household, these types of as all those who could need medicine or conversation aid.

One more member of your house that may well will need your support is your pet. Be certain to have a prepare for your pet. If you are evacuating, be positive to know which shelters choose in pets.

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