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Indiana Pacers’ heartthrob who owned unique pets

INDIANAPOLIS — “You might be uncomfortable me,” Bob Netolicky says, laughing as he talks on the phone from his Texas house, striving to downplay this mad tale strategy he’s been called to converse about.

The story is on “Neto,” the heartthrob of the Indiana Pacers, the participant who had guys cussing and ladies swooning, ready outside the Indiana Point out Fairgrounds coliseum to get a glimpse, or much more, of the 6-9 power ahead who owned exotic animals, dressed in outlandish trend and ran the best bar in city exactly where the likes of James Garner hung out.

Sure, Netolicky will concede he dressed fashionably (“All people ABA men did,” he says) and yes, he owned exotic pets, like an ocelot, lioness and a margay. Of course, he owned the now-demolished Indy bar Neto’s, where renowned persons who arrived to town for the Indianapolis 500 or any other large function would drink the evening absent.

But a heartthrob? Swooning females? Sexual intercourse symbol?

“I am not guaranteed I try to remember all that,” Netolicky, 80, claims. “I consider some of this stuff, as time goes by, gets blown out of proportion. I’m not so confident I was a heartthrob. I really don’t genuinely remember women hanging out ready for me.”