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How to Add Animals to The Somniel – Fire Emblem Engage Wiki Guide

The cute animals in the post-battle maps aren’t just for show; you can bring them home. This page of IGN’s Fire Emblem: Engage wiki guide focuses on how you can adopt animals and have them roam around Sonmiel.

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The Adoption Process

To be able to adopt animals at all, you must complete Chapter 4 – A Land in Bloom.

Adoptable animals are mostly found on the post-battle maps and marked with orange dots. Stroll up to one of these critters and hit A to bring up the adoption prompt. There are some you can outright adopt, but some animals need to have that region invested in before you take them home.

Even when exploring the world map, you can stop at a place on the map to see the information for that area, including what animals are known to appear after a battle. Certain locations like castles or dungeons do not have any animals.

Once you say yes, the animal will become available to roam in Somniel. If you are unable to adopt the animal at present, you can return to the Somniel’s Bulletin Board, and select Donations to begin investing in other nations. Rare animals like the Vervain Deer, Panna Camel, and others can only be adopted once you have reached level 2 with that nation.

However, once you have reached level 2, you will need to return and battle on that map, or others in that region to return to the post-battle exploration and adopt more animals. If you do not see any skirmishes available, return later and they will gradually shift their locations.

The Stable

In order to get your new pets out in the open, you’ll need to go to the stable in Somniel. From there, you can select up to five animals at a time to graze in the Farmyard.

The biggest boon of this, besides how cute they all look, is that after every battle, the animals will have gathered materials for you. Each animal can provide a different material, so be sure to try many and see what they bring.

There does not appear to be a limit on how many animals you can adopt, only how many you can have placed. Since some will drop cooking ingredients, and others forge materials, be sure to place the animals that get the items you need the most.

List of Animals and Rewards


Animal Donation Level Required Possible Item
Elyosian Sheep Level 1 Milk
White Hop Rabbit Level 1 Berries
Hop Rabbit Level 1 Berries
Eastern Freecat Level 1 Salmon
Western Freecat Level 1 Salmon
Southern Freecat Level 1 Salmon
Northern Freecat Level 1 Salmon
Firenese Cat Level 2 Cod
Brodian Cat Level 2 Herring
Elusian Cat Level 2 Cod
Solmic Cat Level 2 Eel
Calisson Chicken Level 2 Egg
Aura Eagle Level 2 Mutton
Iris Owl Level 2 Tomato
Panna Camel Level 2 Beans
Wheat Flour
Elyosian Pigeon Level 1 Nuts
Elyosian Seagull Level 1 Nuts
Elyosian Dog Level 1 Iron Ingot
Steel Ingot
Silver Ingot
Black Elyosian Dog Level 1 Iron Ingot
Steel Ingot
Silver Ingot
White Elyosian Dog Level 1 Iron Ingot
Steel Ingot
Silver Ingot
Mére Donkey Level 2 Rare Vegetable
Rutile Marmot Level 2 Rare Fruit
Vervain Deer Level 2 Rare Vegetable
Tartu Flamingo Level 2 Rare Fish

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