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Global Cat Day: What do you need to know just before adopting a cat?

August 8, 2023 marks the 21st yearly Global Cat Day, a annually celebration of everyone’s beloved – and oft aloof and quirky – feline good friends. But inspite of how popular cats are, not every person knows the most effective methods to undertake them.

Compared with humanity’s other domesticated pet of option, the humble doggy, the not-so-humble cat is recognized for a unique predilection for independence and ingratitude. As this sort of, it can be difficult to notify if you might be doing what’s most effective for your cat – specially when it arrives to adopting one particular.

So what do you do if you want to undertake a cat? A dilemma that is specially related in Israel, where by the road cat populace is so huge that it basically is the Jewish state’s premier minority demographic.

In honor of Global Cat Day, The Jerusalem Put up spoke with Dr. Orly Zakay, an specialist functioning with the Israeli pet foodstuff and accent agency Biopet, about what you require to know about adopting a new purr-fect addition to your spouse and children.

What is the greatest age for a cat to be adopted?

There is no lack of youthful kittens living on the streets, and adoption shelters are rife with cats of all ages.

Artemis the cat uncovered a cozy blanket for this winter. How can you locate one for yourself? (Illustrative) (credit: Shira Silkoff)

Nonetheless, as cute as kittens might be, adopting them when they are just a few weeks outdated is just not the greatest plan.

“Kittens, as well as numerous other mammals, will need close care from their mom in the 1st weeks of their life,” Zakay defined. “When cats keep with their mother at residence, they master how to participate in, recognize meals, hunt, and talk with other cats. For illustration, a mother cat teaches the kittens the change among a mild and a robust chunk. They also discover how to hunt, clear on their own, and use their claws.”

Frequently speaking, you shouldn’t adopt a cat in advance of it can be eight weeks aged at minimum amount. Up till then, cats are exclusively breastfed by their moms to develop the proper antibodies they will need. Additional, staying with their mothers for this lengthy can assistance them be friendlier with other cats.

Sadly, there are quite a few kittens who are younger than eight months aged and need to have residences thanks to instances. If you do choose to undertake this sort of a small cat, try to remember it demands support to learn and will have to have a good deal of adore and endurance.

What is actually the initial step in the direction of adopting a cat?

Irrespective of no matter whether you get your new cat from a shelter or the metaphorical common cat distribution method finishes up possessing you uncover a stray cat, the first issue you need to do is go to a veterinarian. 

It really is vital to test if the cat is wholesome, what vaccines it may well need to have, if it needs to be spayed or neutered, etcetera. This can also vary relying on how previous the cat is.

The following point you require to know is if you stay in a suited put for a cat. This can be specially essential based on the cat’s age and how it was living just before. For example, a quite significant-strength cat or an more mature cat used to dwelling on the streets may well discover a unexpected shift to a tiny condominium incredibly jarring, and the transition may possibly be pretty demanding. This can result in restless behavior and a whole lot of late-night meowing.

Titania the cat is witnessed with her paw therapeutic just after staying rescued from the Jerusalem streets by her loving household. (credit history: ARIELLA MARSDEN)

What other pets can you have with a cat?

So you have an apartment suited for a cat and the vet has specified your new furry friend a cleanse monthly bill of health and fitness. But have you thought of how your cat will be with your other pets?

Cats can be territorial and can from time to time be hostile to new arrivals. As these types of, it is really vital to take the correct steps based on the pet.

For illustration, obtaining a pet dog or another cat is normally great, but it requires a wholesome approach of socialization. You need to have to locate methods to little by little introduce them to one an additional in a nutritious manner to enable them coexist. With luck, you might now conclude up with pets who are also every other’s very best good friends. 

But say you have a smaller sized animal like a rabbit or hamster. This can also be great with the ideal socialization and planning, but considering cats are natural hunters and solely carnivorous, they may perhaps see rabbits or hamsters as food stuff, rather than friends.

What type of points really should new cat owners view out for?

Zakay offered a list of five major suggestions that new cat proprietors really should do to make their residence match for a package.

  • Make confident your cat has all the vital medication it will need following a check out to the vet.
  • Make absolutely sure to have high-quality healthy and delicious food for your cat to take pleasure in. Be confident to involve some canned wet food or meat in its food plan to insert some wide range and excitement.
  • Have two h2o bowls in your home and refill them with refreshing water every single day. Maintain in intellect although that some cats want to drink functioning drinking water, so look at investing in a little cat drinking water fountain. This is important given that cats are inclined to drink less drinking water than they must. 
  • Have a screened window offered that allows your cat search outdoors. This allows them experience less isolated from the outdoors world.
  • Obtain some crops that cats like, this kind of as wheat grass, lemon grass, and peppermint. Use this to make a mini back garden to make cats truly feel a lot more at property.

Ought to you have an indoor or out of doors cat?

This is one particular of the most controversial topics amongst cat homeowners, and both equally sides have their factors. 

Cats, for example, are organic predators. They enjoy being outdoors and the independence that presents, permitting them check out the environment all over them, perform, and hunt. Having said that, the outdoors planet can be unsafe. They can get in fights with canines, snakes, or other cats they can get harm by automobiles they can come again with fleas and they are recognized to damage regional wildlife by praying on birds and other animals. 

For these latter causes, several gurus have cautioned in opposition to permitting your cat go outside. Zakay, on the other hand, disagrees.

“Even a cat that lives inside an apartment has a potent instinct to hunt that ought to be pleased.”

Dr. Orly Zakay

“I am in favor of getting your cat outdoors as considerably as attainable, or lettting them decide on to go out and occur back again in when they want,” she spelled out. “A cat is a predator. The instinct to hunt is a basic instinct that cannot go absent. Even a cat that life inside an condominium has a potent intuition to hunt that will have to be glad.”

If you have a cat that would not go exterior, you are going to will need to find some way to meet its urges to hunt, these as furnishing a good deal of appealing and hard playtime actions to get it to expend all of its electrical power. 

And if you think about getting a now-adult cat to quickly stop going outside the house, this alter may well not go about well with them. They will commence exhibiting extra aggression in the direction of their humans and other pets, and may also get started “incessant meowing.”

“Outdoors there are dangers these kinds of as cars, illnesses, injuries, and extra, but at the similar time in my impression, the cat’s mental overall health is just as critical,” Zakay claimed.

She encouraged dwelling in a comparatively silent area or with a fenced-off garden and maybe even a cat door for your feline friend to go in and out at their leisure. 

But you ought to usually look at your setting in advance of generating this decision. If you do come to a decision to allow your cat go outside, do so responsibly and safely and securely.