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Exotic animals you can’t retain as pets in Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — You might have dreamed of having a pet bear as a child — but can you essentially individual one below in Oregon?

Turns out, it is a minimal complex about what exotic pet species you can own and irrespective of whether you can get the Okay from state and federal regulators.

According to the Oregon Section of Agriculture, exotic animals are outlined in Oregon under the pursuing groups:

  • Non-human primates
  • Bears, besides for the American Black Bear
  • “Non-indigenous canines” that are not domestic or hybrids
  • “Non-indigenous felines” that are not domestic or hybrids
  • Crocodillians

Exotic animals are prohibited in Oregon unless of course the owner has a license via the U.S. Division of Agriculture or the owner has a legitimate Oregon unique animal allow they obtained ahead of 2010.

Having said that, as Oregon Office of Fish and Wildlife’s Invasive Species Wildlife Integrity Supervisor Rick Boatner points out, there are classifications below Oregon statutes that have animals exempt from rules, prohibited species, managed species and noncontrolled species.

Non-managed species contain giraffes, hippopotamuses, crimson pandas, flying lemurs, kangaroos and wallabies, two- and 3-toed sloths, elephants and sure kingsnakes, such as king cobras, with exceptions.

However, though they’re technically allowed in Oregon, federal regulators “won’t permit you deliver it in,” Boatner claims. There are also other criteria, such as allowing areas for these species.

There are also county guidelines to think about.

“Multnomah County has a blanket ‘no venomous snake’ rule,” he mentioned, generating it the only Oregon county to prohibit them. Multnomah County also prohibits snakes that are eight or extra feet very long, so Portlanders can not have a boa, Boatner added.

When it will come to canines, there are other things to consider, Boatner claimed. Proudly owning a coyote or wolf is strictly prohibited, as is possessing a coyote-pet hybrid. Even so, Boatner mentioned a wolf-domestic pet dog hybrid is permitted but can be challenging.

Nonetheless, selected animal species are commonly prohibited in the state since of the possibility they can pose to native species in the point out. These animals include but are not minimal to wildebeests, Central Asian gazelles, wild boars, mongooses, specified rodents, aged world porcupines, nutria, and a range of amphibians, turtles, reptiles and snakes.

For animal fans, it might be most effective to stick with animals exempt from all of these guidelines, which consist of but is not minimal to domestic dogs and cats, chinchillas, European rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs, typical rats and mice, swine, chicken, bison, camels and emus.

There are also indigenous species to Oregon you can think about elevating as a pet, these as ground squirrels, the American porcupine or Northwest salamander, but Boatner warns it can get challenging if you have a lot more than just one of people species.