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Exotic animals such as guinea pigs, ferrets and birds need regular vet treatment, just like cats and canine | Leisure/Everyday living

Just before we got our guinea pig, Jingles, I was pretty clueless about vet care for compact animals, indicating the kinds that are not puppies and cats.

When Jingles joined our family members, I understood small about guinea pigs in normal, so I experienced a good deal of study to do to make confident we had been offering her the ideal housing, food, nutritional supplements and a lot more. I also realized that my regular vet does not treat exotic pets, as they require specialized care.

I feel it is a frequent false impression that animals these types of as guinea pigs, birds, ferrets, rabbits and reptiles do not will need common visits to the vet. It is also a huge misunderstanding that these types of pets are lower servicing. They are living in a cage indoors, they can entertain by themselves — what could potentially go mistaken, ideal?

But the reality is, unique pets call for a great deal of treatment and determination, and preventive treatment is especially critical to their total overall health and nicely-becoming. In addition to right housing and diet, you will have to make confident they acquire any necessary vaccines, preventive remedies and regime checkups.

Pets this kind of as birds, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits and reptiles have to have once-a-year vet visits possibly even extra than canines and cats, given that they disguise symptoms of disease. By the time signs or symptoms are noticeable, the disease can be so state-of-the-art that they may perhaps need to have hospitalization to regain their wellness.

Many exotic pets also are prone to wellbeing problems distinctive to their species. For illustration, feminine rabbits, guinea pigs and rats are identified to produce ovarian and/or uterine cancer. And about 80% of all reptiles harbor some type of intestinal parasite.

Diet performs a substantial part in our overall well being, and it is the exact same for our pets. Pet birds can create hardening of the arteries if they are on the incorrect diet regime. It is significant to discuss to a vet about the appropriate dietary desires for the precise form of fowl you have.

Birds also are identified for swallowing international content, some of which can be harmful. These are scenarios that have to have a correct analysis and care from a veterinarian adequately properly trained for your variety of pet.

We all know heartworms are popular below, and that is not confined to canine and cats. Ferrets can also get heartworms and require to be on a month to month preventive for existence. Rabies vaccinations for ferrets are also mandated by Louisiana well being polices.

Dental treatment is critical for little animals, much too. When we may possibly not have to brush our unique pet’s enamel, rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs need to have annually dental examinations since they are all vulnerable to incorrect tooth have on and dental abscesses. This is an vital element of their yearly checkups.

“We are observing so several very first-time consumers on an crisis basis, and we hope to inform pet owners of unique animals about the relevance of program veterinary care,” claimed Dr. Gregory Rich of Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic of Louisiana in Metairie.

Avian & Unique is Louisiana’s only veterinarian clinic that presents treatment solely to avian and exotic pets. Its vets see almost everything from parrots to rabbits and ferrets to a huge selection of reptiles, as nicely as an array of little mammals. Our Jingles visits Rich’s place of work once a calendar year for her annual checkup and then in in between those visits, she goes in for a nail trim, as needed.

Abundant claims that because the onset of COVID-19, his clinic is looking at much more and much more homeowners of unique animals for the 1st time and most of these proprietors have received little to no details about right diet plans or treatment for their animals. There is certainly also an uptick in soon after-hour emergencies, as a lot of individuals have no idea that unique pets have to have routine checkups just like pet dogs and cats do.

Yearly well being checkups are the greatest preventive treatment for any and all exotic pets. Never wait right up until your pet is in an emergency scenario to look for out vet care. Unexpected emergency exams can be high priced, and preventable diseases can promptly come to be lifetime-threatening if not addressed in time.

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