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5 Ideal Types of Exotic Pet Birds

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Chicken house owners comprehend the unique bonds that individuals can share with birds. Birds are clever, sociable, and live for several years. They are also reasonably affordable and quick to care for, producing them a deserving choice for all animal lovers. If you are considering incorporating a chook to your loved ones, test out the five finest varieties of exotic pet birds and discover their personalities and requires in advance of choosing.

African Grey Parrot

African gray parrots are the premier parrots in North The usa and one particular of the smartest animals on the earth. These birds can mimic human speech.


The African gray parrot is indigenous to the rainforests in Central Africa. They are the biggest parrots on the continent and a person of the smartest animals on the earth. They don’t have colorful plumage like lots of other unique birds, but their vibrant personalities and intelligence make up for their toned-down feathers. This species is superb at mimicking human speech and possesses cognitive expertise on par with a 5-yr-outdated youngster. So it is no wonder that African grays are a person of the most popular types of exotic pet birds. Like small children, these parrots need to have consideration significantly like toddlers. They like to socialize with persons and other pets and need to have a lot of psychological stimulation and training time out of their cages.

Hyacinth Macaw

Most Expensive Birds-Hyacinth Macaw
Hyacinth macaws are the largest of the traveling parrots and, as their identify indicates, are lined with bright blue plumage. 


Hyacinth macaws are indigenous to Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia, the place they inhabit the edges of dense rainforests. Measuring more than three toes long, these birds are the premier macaw and flying parrot species. They are coveted for their deep cobalt-blue plumage with vivid yellow feathers all-around their eyes and beaks, providing them a constant charming grin. They are acknowledged as “gentle giants.” They are incredibly quiet and even-tempered, much more so than other macaws. Like African grays, hyacinth macaws can mimic human speech, use resources, and perform their toes like arms. These birds have very solid beaks, making use of 300 lbs . of tension for each sq. inch. Thanks to their abnormal strength, they want sturdy engage in fitness centers that can withstand their bites. They also require a ton of time to participate in and socialize.

Blue-Eyed Cockatoo

blue-eyed cockatoo
Blue-eyed cockatoos are 1 of the far more pleasant and loving cockatoo species, mimicking their homeowners, cuddling, and actively playing nonstop.

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The blue-eyed cockatoo capabilities snow-white plumage with light-weight yellow crests and bright blue eye rims. They are endemic to the lowland forests near New Guinea, exactly where they nest in tall trees and fly substantial above the forest canopy. They are a single of the a lot more friendly and loving cockatoo species, mimicking their entrepreneurs, cuddling, and enjoying nonstop. But they do have to have a large amount of treatment and awareness, at least various several hours a day. Nevertheless, if you choose treatment of them, you will be rewarded with a social and affectionate member of the household. This species is hardy and adapts perfectly to adjust, but they will need a good deal of area, sunshine, and social conversation. Quite a few blue-eyed cockatoo owners share a exclusive bond with their birds that can final up to 50 years!

Environmentally friendly-Cheeked Conure

Inexperienced-cheeked conures are clever, curious, and playful, recognized for their spunky attitudes. But beware, they can be relatively mischievous!

©Jordan Tan/

The environmentally friendly-cheeked conure, or the green-cheeked parakeet, is a small parrot indigenous to forests and woodlands in Central and South The us. They have bright green, blue, and pink plumage and are well known in aviculture owing to their compact dimension. They are smart, curious, and playful birds recognized for their plain spunky attitudes. But beware, they can be alternatively mischievous! These birds are comprehensive of antics, especially when ready for their entrepreneurs to engage in. They are a person of the a lot more quick-likely parrots, but they can however be nippy and uncooperative at periods. They really don’t need to have as a great deal place as bigger birds, but they even now need a considerable volume of home and time for workout. And like other pet birds, inexperienced-cheeked conures need notice and socialization.


Budgie Parakeet
Budgies are mild and docile birds, straightforward to tame, and generally thought of “beginner birds.”


The budgie, also recognised as the widespread parakeet, is a compact parrot native to the scrublands and grasslands of Australia. They are 1 of the most well-liked species in the pet bird trade for their cute appearance and small size. They can mimic human speech and are known for their crystal clear vocabulary and ability to use words in the good context. These birds are light and docile, easy to tame, and normally deemed “beginner birds.” They are relatively lower-servicing and really don’t require as significantly attention as their larger cousins. Even so, they even now need day-to-day socialization and playtime.

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