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4 rescued manatee calves flown to Columbus Zoo for rehabilitation

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has taken in 4 new wounded juvenile manatees in an effort and hard work to consider pressure off of SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, which has experienced a record number of the aquatic marine mammals in hassle.

The shift will free up room for the most critical circumstances.

“As a next phase rehabilitation facility, the Columbus Zoo is a single of only two facilities outside the house of Florida to care for manatees,” the two corporations explained in a news launch Sunday, “The crew will care for the animals until eventually they get adequate fat to return to Florida waters when conditions are favorable.”

The four manatees transported to Columbus – Lizzo, Cardi-Tee, MaryKate, and Ashley – are all females and were rescued as neonatal calves in 2020 and 2021. Three were being orphaned. The zoo has been given 39 manatees because the Manatee Coastline exhibit opened in 1999. It at this time properties 9 manatees such as the four new ones and two male calves that arrived to the zoo in April.