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4 matters to know about holding wild pets

When a federal jury ruled recently in favor of Milwaukee police officers who, in 2010, had broken into a south side making crammed with reptiles, it settled a lawsuit by Terry Cullen alleging nearly $4.5 million in damages.

But it failed to settle different questions that viewers may have had about what is associated in holding wild, or so-identified as unique, animals.

Wisconsin is just one of four states with primarily no rules about keeping harmful wild animals as animals. Various attempts have been designed in the point out Legislature to ban certain unique animals, but all have failed to go. 

Around the a long time, the occasional general public sighting of what folks imagine is a lion (that would be Milwaukee in 2015) or the escape of a kangaroo (Franklin last June) captures the general public interest. And the 2010 raid involving extra than 200 animals in Cullen’s creating obtained intercontinental awareness. All the rates towards the reptile conservationist ended up finally dismissed.